I Live To Train was created from the passion and love for training in martial arts.

We as fighters truly understand the dedication we put into sport – spending years devoting everything to what we love and quite literally shedding blood, sweat, and tears. It may not sound appealing to a lot of people, but for those who choose to walk the distance, there are huge rewards.

One of the most amazing traits in combat sport is the instantaneous friendship that bonds us –  no matter what you do or where you’re based – we’re all connected by our love of martial arts, and that connection will often last a lifetime.

We’ve experienced the fun of trekking across unfamiliar cities to find somewhere to train, going to the wrong places, or being turned away because we’ve not got the right gear or the class schedule was wrong.

Training around the world is something most of us want to do but it can be a daunting experience, even for a well versed student!

We don’t believe you should have to be “in the know” about the right places to train or risk ending up in some back-end gym, never achieving what you set out for because you got the wrong information online.

And who wants to travel for hours just to get an average experience!? You want to enjoy your time training and improving your sport, not dread finding the gym!

As more people are seeing the health benefits of mixed martial arts training, martial arts has grown on an astronomical scale. Now you can train almost everywhere around the world, yet so many places are just heard about through “word of mouth”.

I Live to Train was developed for the sole purpose of connecting a global community of martial artists and academies, and to ultimately help form friendships and put the GOOD academies on the map!

Whether you’re moving job, traveling abroad or just want to mix up your game, our aim is to help you find and locate places to train easily and have a great experience doing what you love.

Keep training!

The Team @ilivetotrain.com